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Astana Nightlife from a DJ’s Point of View

DJ Godunovitaliy Godunov, a.k.a. DJ Godunov, one of the leading DJs in Astana, shared with Edge Magazine his perspective on the local club scene.

Facts on DJ Godunov:
Age: 22
Time as a DJ: 3 years
Where to find him: Famous, Main, Che Guevara, Rixos Irish Bar
What you will hear: house, soul, funk, progressive, techno
Musical preferences: lounge, vocal house

What do you think of nightlife in Astana?
Developing, but with a long way to go.

Most clubs play the same music and have the same format.

What do you like about the scene?
DJs from Russia, the UK, Germany and other part of Europe come to play their mixes. There is a good exchange of experiences between local and international DJs.

What would you like to see change?
More musical variety. Something different!

Describe the texture of club music in Astana.

Do the clubs have a future?

Talented local DJs with good taste in music.

Which club do you like best?

The concept is interesting, good bar, good food, professional personnel.

Yes, but it’s worth it.

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